Colorado Skiing

Colorado Skiing

Elevation of Aspen Colorado by John Hilaire

So you think height is exciting? Do you get an adrenaline rush every time you find yourself in places with high elevation? If you do, then Colorado is the place for you.

Aspen Colorado is noted for its high elevation. At 17,000 feet, there are not many places where you can find such elevation. Why, you can practically see the whole world from right on top of one of Aspen Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Aspen Colorado boasts many great views of cityscapes and scenic mountain meadows from high elevation. Whatever you like, whatever you want, Colorado offers you a plethora of choices to make. Tired of chairlifts? Had enough of powder day crowds? Or maybe you’re just looking for another way to enjoy the high elevation of Aspen Colorado and the serenity of the Rocky Mountains while shedding a few pounds at the same time. So which is it? All? Well, why not?

Mountains huts are the best places to stay in Colorado if you enjoy high elevation. For years, these mountain huts have sheltered the world’s skiers and climbers. The first mountain hut was perhaps seen in the Alps where hundreds of these structures cling to cliffs and sit in alpine meadows. These huts give mountain enthusiasts access to remote, high-elevation precipices or mountain escapes from the daily bustle.

Below is a list of some of the best mountain huts in high-elevation places in Colorado. All these huts belong to the 10th Mountain Hut, often referred to as the “Hilton of Huts.”

McNamara – Elevation 10,360 feet

The McNamara Aspen Colorado mountain hut was built in 1982. It was one of the first two 10th Mountain huts constructed in the memory of the late Margy McNamara. It was her husband, Robert, the former Secretary of Defense, who funded the construction for this older two-story hut, offering cozy quarters ideal for long talks around a hot stove.

Harry Gates Hut – Elevation 9,700 feet

The Harry Gates Hut is the fourth addition to the 10th Mountain Hut system of Colorado. Built in 1986, its log construction offers three floors, two kitchens, and sleeps 20 although reservations are limited to 16. Funding for this Colorado hut in high-elevation came from the Gates Foundation in memory of the late Harry F.

Gates who held a deep passion for mountains. Among all the 12 10th Mountain huts, the Harry Gates Hut is actually the one with the lowest elevation, making it easily accessible while at the same time offering novice backcountry skiers a perfect place to practice their skills.

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